48First Cloud Data Center Weathers Hurricane Sandy without Incident

November, 2012

48First Managed IT Services Data Center withstands Hurricane Sandy with no loss of service.

48First provides email application and disaster recovery hosting via its self-owned data center just outside of New York City. When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in late October, many NYC- and NJ-based technology companies were faced with power outages, service interruptions, and even physical damage. In lower Manhattan, for example, widespread flooding at data center buildings on Broad Street and Whitehall Street led to loss of service for several popular blog sites such as Gawker and Buzzfeed. Even those data centers with generators suffered outages, as flooding damaged fuel pumps or made refueling impossible.

According to power provider Con Edison, Hurricane Sandy caused “the largest storm-related outage in our history.” Millions in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions were left without power, some for as long as two weeks. The total cost of the damage was estimated at $50 billion.

Despite the storm, the 48First Data Center remained fully functional, running on a backup generator and continually providing email, data, and disaster recovery. The company’s hosted clients and subscribers, who represent a wide variety of industries including fashion, architecture, retail, and law, were able to access all data throughout the storm and its aftermath.

“When a disaster like Hurricane Sandy strikes, businesses can be thrown into chaos and unpredictability,” says 48First CEO Peter Mogollón. “We were able to provide stability for our clients in this difficult time by ensuring no loss of service or data.”

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