Praises about our Managed IT Services!

48First Managed IT Services has been providing strategic managed IT Services to Demar Plumbing Corporation to ensure smooth running of their day to day operations so that they can gain a competitive edge and be more efficient.

A few years ago, Demar Corporation, a plumbing and heating products service provider consulted the services of 48First http://www.48first.com a leader in Network and desktop services to help upgrade its IT system. 48First provides Demar Corporation with a comprehensive preventive maintenance of their servers, desktops and printers. 48First also services Demar’s Voice Over IP telephone services and integrates it into their computer systems. 48First also helps to design, implement, monitor and troubleshoot Demar’s client/server network architecture and tailor everything to their size and requirements.

This relationship has help Demar Plumbing Corporation improve on their performance, reduce their downtime to the nearest minimum and reduce their financial burden. Pleased with this positive development, Demar Plumbing Corporation believes one of the most important improvements the company has made was allowing 48First to upgrade and manage their IT system.

“Before 48First, we were faced with wasted time, aggravation and lost files. It was painful and expensive for us,” says Bert Baldassarra, the Operations manager at Demar Plumbing Corporation. “We began our relationship with 48First about two years ago. Ever since then, we don’t have to worry anymore. Everything just works. Our server doesn’t crash, and our data is backed up and secure. Accounting is seamless. It’s been great. We gladly recommend 48First to our clients and business partners.”

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